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Yes, you can order as many items as you want. We do not have any limits on the number of items a customer can purchase, however you can only order one deal item at a time. You can order as many pieces of the item as we have in stock.
Absolutely, you will get emails whenever an order is placed and also when your order is shipped out with the tracking number and shipping method. Please be sure to input the correct email address at the order page & make sure that our emails do not get tossed in the junk folder. Additionally you should also get the payment receipt from paypal.com or from our credit card processing company.
We will ship your order to the address that is input for the "Ship To" address, so please make sure that you put in a correct ship to address. If you made a mistake, you can certainly send us an email and we can try to change it before it goes out or watch for it to return.
We accept various forms of electronic payments - Visa, Master Card and all other major credit cards. We do not accept money orders or payments by mail.
Please use the "My Account" link found at the top of every page of our site. You can login and click on the purchase history tab and it will bring up your entire order history. It will show you the status of each order as well as the details of the item you have ordered.
Unfortunately no, we only ship to USA, US territories, and US Military addresses at this time.
Yes, we have an excellent referral program for anyone who wants to share our website. Every new customer you invite who creates an account and makes a purchase, we will give you a $5 credit after their first purchase.
Sorry, each ring is available in a specific size only, and the size is mentioned in the description. Only our Sterling Silver rings can be sized, but please note that we put an anti-tarnish as well as Rhodium coat on our rings, so please make sure that the jeweler who sizes the ring has the knowledge and the capability to bring the ring back to its original polish after sizing it.
Currently the one item at one time format is the only way to see our available items. In other words you can only order the items that are showing on the site. However, our full catalog is available everyday at Peora.com.
You would have to wait for that item to come back into the site and then you can order it.
We are not a marketing company; we are a jewelry manufacturing company. Your information will not be sold or distributed to any third party.
Yes, our e-commerce transactions are secured and encrypted with SSL certificate.