Blue Sapphire Rings: Why is Everyone Talking About Them?

What's the big deal with Blue Sapphire rings? If you are like most of us who are naturally drawn to neutrals and prefer buying clothes and accessories in classic black and white because we know how to get the most use out of them, then you’d probably try to switch it up once in a while and try different colors. 

wear blue sapphire rings with your classic black and white outfit

However, one color is definitely more approachable than others. Blue is your easy-to-wear, go-to color.


Blue, especially a rich royal navy blue, looks good with absolutely anything - even with your favorite black! And when venturing out to wearing colored accessories, start with Blue Sapphire rings and you’ll find that they go with just about anything.


blue sapphire rings


Sapphire, what is it, to begin with?

Sapphire is actually a common name, the actual mineral name is Corundum. Corundums are hard and durable - means you can wear them every day! Sapphires are ranked 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. To give you an idea, diamonds ranked 10 and are the hardest mineral on Earth. Blue Sapphires are durable, hard, and have the ability to resist scratches.

loose gemstones


Colors, colors, and more colors

Blue Sapphire comes in various shades, from Royal Blue to Blackish Blue and everything in between, and Sapphires themselves come in a wide variety of colors, Pink, Orange, Green etc. Interestingly Ruby is also a Corundum, so technically speaking you can call Ruby a “Red Sapphire”

What are Lab-Created Sapphires?

Lab-Created Sapphire as the name suggests is made in a Laboratory. They have the same chemical and optical properties as that of a natural stone, the only difference is that they are made in a lab, and not only do they cost less, they are also environmentally friendlier.

Left-hand or right-hand ring?

There is no rule on how you should wear colored gem rings. Wear them on your middle finger, pointer finger left hand, or even a right-hand ring, which is simply just a celebration of you. Blue Sapphire rings can be dressed up for dress or cocktail rings or dressed down as your everyday ring with your favorite denim or sweater.

The most famous Blue Sapphire Ring

Although fictional, the most famous of all is the Ocean of the Heart Ring featured in the movie Titanic, if real that stone will go for a gazillion dollars…… but here are our favorite Blue Sapphire Rings.

The Duchess of Cambridge engagement ring


Victoria Bekham blue sapphire ring


Shop versatile Blue Sapphire rings


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