Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, our site is completely secured and has the latest SSL Certificate, you can verify this by the clicking on LOCK bar showing in the browser address bar.

All our items are real and we guarantee that the Metal and the Stones are as stated in the Description. If anyone can prove otherwise we will give 10X the purchase price in return.

We are a jewelry manufacturing company, our goal is to offer Fine Jewelry at Wholesale prices directly to the Consumer. Traditional Jewelry stores have a high markup, you avoid this when you buy from us.

We are a USA based company, we were founded in Los Angeles and since then we have move to a small city 30 miles east of LA called Diamond Bar.

Genuine or Natural Stones: These stones are made by Nature and are normally mined.

Lab Created or Lab Grown Stones: These stones are made in a Laboratory and have the same Chemical and Optical properties as that of Natural stones. Lab Grown stones are indentical to Natural stones in every way.

Simulated Stones: These stones are made in a Laboratory and they look like natural stones but their Chemical properties are completely different.