We're Silver Jewelry CLUB

Made with Love - Sold with Honesty
We’re a team of jewelry designers, artists and craftworkers. We’re committed to helping more people enjoy the delight of wearing or giving beautiful jewelry, by making it affordable. We do this by breaking down the jewelry industry’s traditional cost barriers.

Our Vision

We believe in a world where beauty and quality are not dictated by price. We want everyone to express themselves everyday by being able to afford the quality jewelry and accessories that make them look and feel good.

Our mission is to design and make quality jewelry that everyone can enjoy.

Our Values

Everything we do is driven by three values:

1. Excellence: Everything we do is dedicated to excellence. Making beautiful pieces isn’t enough for us. Every aspect of what we do for our customers is infused with excellence. We are committed to continually improving ourselves so that we can serve our customers even better.

2. Honesty: Honesty is part of who we are. It’s part of our DNA, and is the reason Silver Jewelry Club exists. We pride ourselves on our reasonable and transparent pricing, and that we work with integrity.
3. Quality: We design and create our pieces with the utmost care. Quality for us means maintaining rigorous high standards for ourselves and our products.

Why is our jewelry so affordable?

We’re committed to creating a new jewelry industry. One that eliminates unnecessary profit margins. One that eradicates the elitism and exclusivity of the jewelry market.

It’s a myth that jewelry can’t be quality unless it’s expensive. When you pay for jewelry in the traditional jewelry market, you’re paying more because you’re paying for the middleman’s profit. Often, a piece will receive several mark-ups on its journey from the maker to the customer.

We create and sell our jewelry direct to you, the customer. No middlemen. No ridiculous mark-ups. We price our pieces realistically (so that we can afford to eat) but reasonably, so you can afford to buy.

How it began:

Back in 1987, our founder Amit Vora worked as a wholesale diamond merchant in Los Angeles. He loved the sunshine, the sparkle, the energy of the city, but what he didn’t love was the traditional pricing practices of the jewelry industry there.

“Everyday I would visit my clients, the jewelry retailers, and I didn’t like what I saw. I saw retailers offer what appeared to be the same quality for widely different prices, with no explanation; I saw heavy and unethical discounting tactics to force a sale; I saw artificially high prices that excluded so many people. I could see the doubt and disappointment on customers’ faces. I could tell that they felt they had been taken advantage of. Choosing and buying jewelry should be a joyful experience. I decided it was time for change.”

And so Silver Jewelry Club was born, with a single mission: to offer quality jewelry at honest prices. Since then, our team has grown and so has our business. We’re proud to serve our thousands of loyal customers, and our team and our pieces have been featured on TV and in magazines.

Over the years we’ve been in business the styles and fashions of our pieces have changed, but what’s never changed is our commitment to quality, good value and honesty.